From May 21st to 25th 2018, was held in Palermo the Training Course (TC1) of the European project (Erasmus + KA2) “European Network for Social Inclusion – ENSI”, organized by the Coordinator of the People Help the People project with “Centro Internazionale delle Culture UBUNTU”.

They attended n. 33 people including parents, educators, social animators, volunteers of bodies responsible for the inclusion of children.
Below some feedback from the participants:

image1.jpg“I am Ivo from Bulgaria. It was wonderful to meet other people from different countries, who work in social services like me. The social work is lonely place sometimes. ENSI project and C1 training helped me to see the situation in the other countries, gave me different perspective. It suggested me reflections for a lot of things like different point of view over the life of refugees in Europe outside refugee camps. ENSI helped me to develop in me more sensitive for people who try to live in foreign country. C1 training gave me many ideas for good practices that I can use in my job. After ENSI in Palermo I believe more in informal education. I think that it will be good for society to make more efforts in this area and finally the project gave me possibility to taste famous and delicious Sicilian cannoli”.

Ivaylo Yabalkarov: Bulgarian, husband and father, psychologist, one man among 20 women at work (this is Bulgarian situation in social sphere), leader of small team who work with adults, dreamer and believer, reader and journalist.
image2“In May 2018 I participated in a project European Network for Social Inclusion – ENSI” in Palermo. Together with friends from Italy, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria and Poland we have exchanged the best practice and activities used in our countries. I got to know many new techniques and methods that support social inclusion, which as a social animator, I have included in the activities in my activity. I liked the promotion of the exchange of good practices in the field of non-formal education with particular emphasis on people who are in a worse social and cultural situation. In addition to theoretical knowledge, it was very important for me to learn in practice the activities that are carried out in organisations in Palermo such as, “Centro Internazionale delle Culture UBUNTU”, “Il Giardino di Madre Theresa” and “S. Chiara Palermo”. For me a visit to UBUNTU was invaluable. The meeting in Palermo was very well prepared, our friends from Palermo organized everything very well. It’s great that we could exchange our experience and learn a lot from ourselves.”

Barbara Guzek, Social Animator. Foundation Family Center. Poland

People Help the People (Italy)
Asociatia Fluturele Visator Butterfly Dreamer (Romania)
Associacion Amigos de Europa (Spain)
EURO-Training (Bulgaria)
Centro Internazionale delle Culture Ubuntu (Italy)
Fundacja Family Center (Poland)

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