After 24 months of exchanges of good practices, debates, experiences, knowledge and skills, meetings with professionals who have become “friends”, “European Network for Social Inclusion – ENSI” project (funded by the Erasmus + KA2 program) ends.
ENSI project was implemented by 6 organizations from 5 EU countries: Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and Spain, involving over 400 people.
The project activities produced a strong impact at local level, thanks to the dissemination seminars, the local training sessions and the final round table that each partner organized in their own country, involving teachers, educators, animators, parents, operators.
Local events were moments of testing of good practices and sharing of their experiences, difficulties and successes in environments with children, young people with linguistic difficulties.
Furthermore, 2 Transnational Training Courses were held in Palermo, which was attended by more than 30 operators for each training, whose final product was a Research Handbook, the drafting of which covered all the project activities: a research activity (both from a legislative and methodological point of view) and an analysis of the good practices used in the partner countries to facilitate the learning of the language and the socio-cultural knowledge of the host country in immigrant children and adolescents to end with a SWOT analysis on the transfer of good practices and on the results achieved in each country involved.
Ensi project has built a very strong informal network of organizations and operators for a sustainability over time.


People Help the People (Italy)
Asociatia Fluturele Visator Butterfly Dreamer (Romania)
Associacion Amigos de Europa (Spain)
EURO-Training (Bulgaria)
Centro Internazionale delle Culture Ubuntu (Italy)
Fundacja Family Center (Poland)

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