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People Help the People seeks to achieve social solidarity by marrying in full the whole concept of “human integration” in the world, with particular reference to Europe and Mediterranean area, through the promotion of human person and recovery, preservation, and enhancement of historic, cultural and environmental heritage, integrated into an overall sustainable development.

The aim of People Help the People is to create opportunities for cooperation and partnership to export best practices from one country to other, in pursuit of greater integration between people. Integration that represents not only an increase in terms of purely human but also a lever for economic development and social redemption. And Sicily, the ideological basis of this network, plays a symbolic and strategic together, placed as it is in a privileged geographical position, in the center of the Mediterranean, has had a tradition of thousands of years of foreign domination that have made it the crossroads of civilization, a place of experimentation and integration of peoples.

All activities of the Association are directed to the achievement of the goals of social solidarity and cultural promotion, actions and activities aimed primarily at disadvantaged or under conditions of social vulnerability, in the fields of education, health, social services, environmental protection, with the involvement of public authorities (European Union, Countries of the Mediterranean basin, the Italian state, Regions and Municipalities) and private entities.

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Butterfly Dreamer’s goal is to prepare, promote and implement community at all levels, projects for the development of educational activities, upgrading local community, youth, social, community development, infrastructure, agriculture and obtain necessary internal and external funding in their progress.

Aims of the organization
The main objective of the association is targeting the local community in terms of cultural, artistic, religious, infrastructure, education, education, youth, research, physical education, health, environment, economic and social development, defense and promotion of the professional or business.

The objectives of the Association are:

  • Improve quality of life due to the implementation of community projects for the local community
  • Support increased operational and financial performance of the autonomous bodies and companies providing local public services
  • Developing institutional capacity of local government
  • Develop initiatives and public-private partnerships
  • Growth of education in the local community by implementing educational projects
  • Organizing seminars, workshops, consulting and market research trainings, workshops and exhibitions
  • Establishing international and domestic partnerships, particularly with associations that promote the same ideas as Butterfly Dreamer
  • Affirmation interdisciplinary education and culture
  • Participation in EU funded projects
  • Information on opportunities for international collaboration
  • Themed camps for students on issues of democracy, human rights, individual relationship – community Romanian Scouts
  • Research the impact of alternative teaching methods
  • Projects on topics such as education, public administration , infrastructure, ethnic minorities, Roma culture , youth, religion, sports , health, and strategic projects for grant
  • Preservation of cultural monuments ;
  • Helping disadvantaged poor
  • Assistance physically disadvantaged people , children and the elderly
  • Youth activities
  • Protecting the environment and nature
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Amigos de Europa is an Association entirely dedicated to the development of youth. Its mission is to stimulate and sustain young people’s active, civic and responsible participation to the educational, social, cultural and economic environment of the communities they live in.

Amigos de Europa concentrates its efforts on activities with clear objectives, such as the development, support and reinforcement of the counseling, informing and forming processes of the target generation, in a European context. These objectives will be met by means of creating the favorable environment in the communities of these young people for the enhancement of their personal and professional performance. Furthermore, their needs will constantly be identified and fulfilled through a large array of sustainable activities.

For its well-functioning, this association relies on the principles of responsible volunteering, self-motivation and self-determination, active civic participation, taking initiative, involvement and cooperation, adaptability, continuity, competence, competitiveness, friendship, mutual respect and support, democracy, transparency, equity, legality, durability, social dialogue, tolerance, versatility and non-discrimination.

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“EURO-training” is a non profit making and non-governmental organisation, founded in 2004 and located in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.

Our main goal is connected with promoting and supporting of different kind and forms of training activities.

We strongly believe that only well educated and trained people are capable to make a transition to the knowledge based economy and may significantly improve the quality of life.

In the Learning Age, equipping people with the right knowledge and skills is crucial to maintaining high and sustainable levels of employment and price stability.

But our vision of the Learning Age is about more than employment. The development of a culture of learning will help to build a united society, assist in the creation of personal independence, and encourage the creativity and innovation.

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UBUNTU (International culture center) is a voluntary association in Sicily . The Ubuntu project was founded in 2006 in the heart of Ballarò in the center of Palermo, a neighborhood with a high immigrant rate and a highly precarious socio-economic condition.

The main objectives of the association are:

  • to support local youth through training, support for job search and mobility abroad;
  • to encouraging international cooperation and mobility in the field of social services between associations and cultural organizations;
  • to support European cooperation in the social field;
  • to promote in general international cooperation in the social sector and in particular intercultural communication.

Following the African philosophy inspired by the name, based on integrity, goodwill and respect for others it was born with the aim of helping immigrant families living and working in the city of Palermo.

Ubuntu help for families is concrete. The association takes care of the children of immigrant families, so that the parents can go to work with the tranquility of knowing that there is a group of people who takes care of their little ones. Thanks to the contributions and the moral, human and concrete support of many people and associations, Ubuntu is finally a warm and welcoming reality that protects and supports the growth and education of children attending the center. The main services offered to families are: baby parking, after-school activity, legal and psychological support for parents, medical support.

Ubuntu has been involved in projects for young people since its constitution in 2006. We have a wide network of associations and organizations working in the field of social services in Italy and Europe. Our activities focus on social work as a tool for professional growth and the empowerment of young people. Ubuntu also welcomes young people entrusted with social services and, since 2016, has been accredited to host EVS volunteers. Our workers are former European volunteers who have decided to stay in Palermo and are now working as social workers in Palermo thanks to youth guarantee programs and incentives.

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The main goal of the Family Center Foundation is supporting the all-embracing growth of family life, in particular social, cultural, scientific and educational activities. The organization is based in Bytom (Silesian province) Poland.

Family Center Foundation collaborates with international organizations. The cooperation concerns with realization of projects in the exchange of the experience and transfer of good practices. Family Center Foundation undertakes international scientific researches, prepares of analysis of the participants’ needs and disseminates the results.

Undertaken activities concern multiple forms of supporting families. One of the form is psychological consultation. The consultations deal with parenting issues, martial conflicts and communication difficulties within the family.

The goals of the Foundation are support of comprehensive development of family life especially social, cultural, scientific, educational and public benefit activities. Promoting Family learning through formal and informal educating within the family. Shared educating of family members. Creating proper conditions of supporting the elders, solidarity between the generations, acting in order to integrate people endangered by social inclusion, protection of human dignity.